Here are 25 different ways you can put your curated personal branding photos to good use:


1. Your Website’s Home Page

The first thing people see when they land on your website can absolutely be your face, along with text that tells them the most important thing you want them to know. Having branding photos that go so well with your brand voice and website copy is important. The purpose of a custom designed personal branding session is to create exactly that.

newly updated website after personal branding photoshoot

An example of your personal branding image used on your website’s home page

2. Your “About Me” Page

This is usually the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. But here, it is number two. You can have a few different photos of you on your “About Me” page. Some images that feature you at work, you with a client, you with your loved ones, you with your pets, showcasing your workspace or important landmarks in your local community etc. There are so many different angles to you, and depending on your business/brand, multiple images can be created specifically to tell a compelling story on your About Me page. If your goal is to help your clients get a good feel for you, then this is one sure way to achieve it.

3. “Contact” Page

This is another page where you can use a photo of you, right next to your contact information. To keep things fresh, you might want to use a different image here than the one you used on your home page or about me page. But you still want to stay on-brand. And that’s where having a variety of consistent visual imagery created during your personal branding photo session comes in.

4. Story telling

Some of your personal branding photos can be placed strategically throughout your website, and used to break up paragraphs. This will keep your visitors fully engaged and break up the monotony of reading through many paragraphs of texts.

5. Blog Posts

You’ll need one or several images to go with the blog posts you create for your website. If you publish one blog post a month, that is 12 images that could be designed using photos from your personal branding image collection. Who needs stock photos when you can use something that is uniquely you?

Email Marketing

6. Use images in your personal branding collection to design newsletters for your VIP email list, special offerings or announcements.

7. Launch a Campaign, new service or new product

8. Landing page for a specific offer, event, or announcement

9. Online ads. Use images from your branding collection to design marketing materials specific to your offer.

Social Media

10. You have to admit that every time you change your profile photo to a photo of yourself, it generates a lot of interest. You can take advantage of the attention and share something you’d want your potential clients or customers to know! You can use a different profile photo for the different social media platforms you use (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc.). Change up your social media profile image once every quarter. That is 4 images per year multiplied by number of platforms you use.

11. Design posts for social media content and incorporate your images. 

12. Design different headers/banners for your social media profiles. On Facebook alone, I can think of 4 different places people tend to need a banner/cover/header image – Facebook personal profile, Facebook business pages, Facebook groups, Facebook events.

Physical Marketing Materials

13. Welcome packet for clients

14. Billboards

15. Exhibit banners

16. Thank you cards to your clients

17. Holiday cards to your clients and loved ones

18. New Signage

19. Create a brochure for new clients or prospects

20. Use a photo on your business cards

Other Marketing Avenues

21. Use your branding photos in your email signature

22. Speaking Engagements

23. Guest Blogs or Articles for online publications

24. Articles in the local newspaper

25. Hosting an event/retreat/workshop

This list is far from exhaustive. In this very visual day and age of the internet, there are countless opportunities to use imagery you’ve created specifically for your brand.

One thing that is underlying when it comes to what my clients want in their branding imagery is that they look good in their photos, and their photos show off their personality. I can do that for you. Contact me today and let’s get you the branding photoshoot you deserve.