The Pre-Session Consultation

A consultation is a very important first step to getting the exact kind of results you desire for your business headshots. Any photographer worth their salt will take the time needed to plan your session with you.

The goal here is for them to understand your needs and motivations, and for you both to get comfortable with each other. Don’t skip this step, ever.


1. What To Wear

Most Important – Clothes that fit right.

Other very important things to consider:

  • Style – Think simple, classic and timeless.
  • I always encourage clients to choose solid colors over patterns, florals, or prints.
  • Yes to layers. Think scarves, jackets/blazers, belts, sweaters/vests, kimonos.
  • When in doubt, go for neutral, earth toned colors, including white and black.  They’re safe, rich, and work well with most skin tones.
  • Your clothes should be free from holes, wrinkles and stains.
  • Avoid busy looking outfits, with heavy embellishment around the shoulder/neckline.


2. Hair and Make Up

The rule of thumb when it comes to business headshots or personal brand portraits, is that you should look like you would on a very good day, in your day-in-the-life at work/running your business.

When it comes to hair and make up, LESS IS MORE. Go for a simple, natural and  minimalist look.

It is okay to bring your make up bag with you to the session for light touch ups if needed.


3. Grooming

Think “well groomed”. Clean hair, with light/minimal styling and product use.

Recently washed and moisturized skin. Gentle exfoliation is okay, but avoid faux tanning, major skin treatments like extractions or waxing the week of your photo session.


Think about what music you’d like to listen to during your shoot. Bring your playlist or plan with your photographer to have that ready for you. You might be surprised at how much the right kind of music playing in the background relaxes you and makes your session much more enjoyable.

Are you a business professional in Scottsdale? Put your best foot forward with a professional headshot that introduces you to your clients even before they meet you.