So the good news is, you’re engaged! The not so great news is, you need engagement photos and one (or both) of you hates being photographed.

I too, am not a pictures person, so I understand.

Yeah Adaeze, easy for you to say when you’re the one taking all the pictures.

Okay fine, you got me. Maybe my love for being behind the camera has a little to do with the fact that I thoroughly hate being in front of it.

But! Let’s look at the bright side. As someone who hates being photographed, I know exactly how you feel and the entire point of this post, is to let you know that there are ways around it. There are steps that I can take to make sure that

  1. Your session goes by as quickly and as painlessly as possible (I’d promise you butterflies and rainbows if I could)
  2. You are actually happy with our results! (That’s the whole point, right?)
So Your Partner doesn’t like being in photos

Or maybe you both have been agonizing over the whole “photoshoot” thing.

…but those engagement announcements and save-the-dates need to go out.

There are A WHOLE LOT of things you can do (with the help of your photographer) to achieve those two things I mentioned earlier, but if I put them all into one blog post, we may not get to the end of it.

So this post is about ONE thing you can do.

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    Portrait of engaged couple done by Scottsdale Portrait Photographer
    Look at each other. Laugh at each other. It's ok.
    HERE IT IS – Opt for a photo session that has you doing things or engaging in activities, while your photographer takes candid, un-posed images of you.

    Do you have something you both enjoy doing together? Or an activity one of you is really into?

    Eating ice cream? Cycling? Gaming? Hiking? Running Marathons? Crafting? Hanging out at Scottsdale Quarter? Window shopping at Fashion Square Mall? Exploring downtown Scottsdale? Cooking? Any specific types of cuisine? Baking?

    Your photographer can find ways to incorporate little pieces of you into a custom session specifically designed to suit you.

    Focus on each other, allow yourself to be distracted by your partner,  and what you’re doing together. Ignore your photographer, even. (I mean, don’t totally ignore them, but still. You get the point.)

    BONUS TIP – Consider making a date night out of it.

    You’re all dressed up so why not get dinner together at your favorite restaurant in Phoenix. I’m pretty certain the owner will be more than happy to let your photographer get a few shots of you together enjoying dinner. What a way to end a beautiful session.

    And the best part? You have just spent a couple of hours, telling a story, your story, just the way you want it.

    Being photographed doesn’t always have to be about striking a (possibly awkward) pose and saying cheese.

    I hope you’re feeling a little better about planning a custom portrait session, something unique to you, to help you save and savor your memories.

    The simple, seemingly ordinary moments, they make for the best stories.

    Don’t be afraid to tell it.