Portraits are the new headshots.

Gone are the days of the tightly cropped head and shoulder images that do very little to give your audience a sense of who you are, especially if you’re a service provider.
This is not to say that tightly cropped headshots don’t have their place in branding images. They absolutely do.

One major thing that takes a picture from a head-and-shoulders headshot to a portrait is the visibility of the hands.

The hands are probably one of the most interesting visible parts of the human body, and plays a huge role when it comes to establishing a trust factor. To paraphrase Vanessa Van Edwards, when your hands are visible, it’s like you’re saying, “hey, see? I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Professional headshot for Phoenix based Professional Hair Stylist and Colorist, Founder of Moxie Luxx

The hands can be very difficult to pose – and so with most headshots, we tend to end up with the usual nice arms akimbo look. But there’s a lot more where that came from.

Rule of thumb – Wherever the hands are, the eyes go.

So with personal or business branding images, your hands in the frame can actually be an asset that you use to create a variety of looks, and draw your audience’s attention to one thing or the other, instead of another awkward thing you have to deal with when having your picture taken.

business headshot of black plus size woman. She has curly hair, wearing a white dress and is leaning on an posing box.I’m a portrait photographer, and I can create a solid suite of images for you that show off the different elements of your personality, as well as your business brand.
Images of you that you’ll love and be proud to share.
It’s really all in the details.

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