The consumption of photography has become increasingly commonplace,  more so with the advent of the digital age and social media. Photography has become more and more accessible with the evolution of digital cameras and smartphones that are able to capture vivid images, and the slew of image manipulation software readily available at the click of a button. So why do we still have more people than ever before paying more for professional photography?

Smartphones can be used to create great images these days. So why don’t you have someone you know, a family member or a friend use your smartphone to take those anniversary photos you want to gift the parents? Why pay a photographer to do it?

When I hear people say they want a photographer for something, I almost want to ask them if they’re really sure they want to pay a professional photographer to do it.

What do you value?

What value do you place on having photos that look exactly how you want them to? How important is it to you that these images evoke the right feelings in you, every time you look at them?

And if you’re going to spend your money on this, no matter how little or how much it costs, don’t you want your $$$ to matter? (I haven’t even gone into discussing the time and effort you would put into researching and finding the right photographer, figuring out your schedule and that of everyone else who will be photographed, maybe even purchasing outfits, travelling to and from the studio or location etc.)

In conclusion

I ask all these questions, to point out that if you really do invest a lot of your time, resources and emotion into having these important seasons and times of your life documented, you may want to finish what you’ve started, by also investing in the right photographer. They’re like the anchor in your relay, who will take everything you have put into this, run with it, and deliver a finished product that is a true embodiment of the vision you had right from the start.